Cracking Recruiting

Looking To Get Job Offers From Competitive Companies?

Give the recruiters no room for doubt and present yourself as a top 1% candidate


of candidates with a strong profile are not considered qualified for the job due to high-impact mistakes.


candidates are unsure whether their CV would be perceived as strong by a recruiter.


of applicants to highly competitive companies are extended a job offer.

I will teach you how to identify the recruiter’s requirements and how to choose your most relevant experiences, evaluate them in an adequate manner and present them in your curriculum vitae and cover letter in the best way possible. Furthermore, I will teach you what most candidates don’t do to optimize their CV and cover letter so that you can be sure about having a CV that would be perceived as strong by a recruiter.

In order to move you to the top 1% candidate status, I will walk you through my interview preparation tool to support you in identifying the recruiter’s requirements and building your stories with them in mind to truly show the impact of your experience. Furthermore, I will share with you several tips and methods on how to become more confident in the interviews in order to be able to focus on truly convincing the recruiter of your abilities.

Finally, I put at your disposal best practice templates of a curriculum vitae, cover letter, and letter of recommendation as well as my interview preparation tool so that you can prepare yourself alongside my explanations and be sure to stay on the path towards receiving the job offer.

Now, it’s up to you:

Prepare the right way, develop a professional profile, and succeed in the recruiting processes. Check out the introductory video to the Cracking Recruiting course.

Hi, I am Michael Ruske...

...and I would like to turn YOU into a top 1% candidate who gets the job offer!

Why should I be the one teaching you about mastering the recruiting process? After all, I am not even a recruiter myself. Great question, so let’s see:

I have been working in the highly competitive management consulting industry with Boston Consulting Group, PwC, and Strategy& – In Germany, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, South Korea, and Spain, among others.

My experience has led me to talk to 150+ recruiters of the most competitive companies around the world and representatives of some of the most important business schools. This with the objective of deconstructing the recruiting process and identifying the key success factors in every phase.

Since I started Cracking Recruiting, I have successfully supported 300+ ambitious candidates in their pursuit of job opportunities with leading companies, particularly in the consulting, technology, and sales industries.

To put it all together, I personally and professionally love to support others in achieving their goals. And that’s why I would be honored to share my experience with you to help you get this next job offer that propels your career and gets you one step closer to fulfilling your dreams.


What Other Students Have to Say

Very valuable investment for my professional life. This course explains exactly what companies are expecting from your application and I really liked the examples Michael shared from his talks with recruiters. Coming from consulting in Latin America, I am currently interviewing in Spain and have already obtained two consulting offers. So, I don't hesitate to recommend it.
Management Consultant, Accenture
This program got me fascinated. I needed a new CV for my move to the UK and felt it was difficult to summarize my experience on one page, but this program taught me step by step what to focus on and what information to leave out to maximize the recruiter's focus on the essential. Highly recommended!
Manager, PwC
There is no doubt about the content quality of each module and the one-on-one advisory. Cracking Recruiting helped me to effectively change my professional presentation and to give a more accurate approach to my job applications. I highly recommend taking the program, it got me my dream job at Mexico's #1 transportation company.
Financial Analyst - ADO
Cracking Recruiting is the best tool to transform a good CV into a great CV. You learn how to communicate your skills and knowledge in the best way to be an outstanding candidate in any job.
Management Consultant, BCG
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